What is Qroads?

It is an application that allows you to know and contact all the tourist and cultural sites of any destination you want, as well as giving you great benefits in the sites associated with Qroads.

What is a Qroads

It is a small proximity device placed in Points of Interest of a destination, which send a signal through Bluetooth, then detected by our mobile application. This signal informs the user when they are near a site of interest and allows them to consult information about said site (pictures, videos, deals, schedules, reviews, and much more.)


Small size

Discreet and easy
to install


5000 mAh




40 meters

Distance detectable by a user


More visibility

We connect visitors directly with your business


Affiliate your business today


You can be part of several affiliated shops, restaurants, museums and places of interest. Stand out from your competition by connecting with users who are close to your business, sending discount sales or marketing messages to their phones.


Be in control of what
your business says

You can publish relevant information about your business to invite users in when they find it in the App. Using this information, users are able to plan their trips and tours using the App.


Ready to take your
business to the next level?


At Qroads, we aim to provide all the information about a destination, concentrating within a single platform, streamlining the management and connection of the user with the various businesses and services found in it.

How to contact us?